Rock Café Barock

Live Hard, Rock Harder

Belgian Darkwave / Newwave band started in 2009.
Inspired by the eighties without copying it, managed to establish an unique sound of their own.
With frontman, leadsinger Chesko (also keyboardplayer with "The Bollock Brothers"), Sam & Hazy (also both musicians with "Red Zebra") , Marco, a man with passion, and Lollirot, a girl with balls.

If you haven't already been wowed by this Brussels based duo, it's high time you discover ALK-A-LINE !!!
Laurence Castelain, on microphone& bass, rocked for years with punk rock outfit The Chicks, heading an energetic female line-up and later also doing vocals with FLESH AND FELL.
Add to the mix the keyboards, voice and theremin of Sandra Hagenaar from FIFTY FOOT COMBO and you get a sound which is at once pacey and modulated, trashy and sophisticated. They call it electro under P.P.P. influence (Pop(Post)Punk).
Their first EP vinyl, out on the Disc-o-Bolle Label in 2009 is now sold-out ! Four fabulous cuts and remixes by IMPLANT, VELVET UNDERWEAR, THE YOUNG GODS and SM XPERIENCE.
2013 : LP vinyl Picture Disc, 10 tracks "Cosmic Trip Comic Strip" has been released on Lynch Law Records with nice collaborations as JL De Meyer (FRONT 242) and J Perry-Salkow (Flammarion, Actes Sud)
2019 : "Species & Specimens" CD out to come with Peter Slabbynck (RED ZEBRA), Bruce Ellison (VOLT SELECTOR), Ross Demon (LENGTH OF TIME) and JACQUES DUVALL holding the mike !!!
2020 : LP Vinyl can be announced !